All New Nixon Collections

Nixon is known for delivering quality wrist wear and watches time and time again. What you might not know is a lot of these beautifully crafted timepieces belong to expertly designed collections.

This fall alone Nixon has released four distinct and remarkable collections; Blues, Luxe Heritage, Karmaflage, and Rover Patchwork. All new accessories and products paired with the already expected high quality Nixon watches. There is so much to see in each collection we are going to take the time to focus in a few must see items.

The Luxe Heritage Collection stands alone with it’s rich leather and blue tones. Giving it a bold and rugged look for the urban and rural dweller alike. And the first thing that grabs my eye from this collection is newly designed Magnacon Leather. An already classic design from Nixon reworked with a more masculine touch. Modern functions and style are uncompromised in this gorgeous timepiece.

Rich with pattern and character the Karmaflage collection is unmatched. This is an urban take on everyones favorite neutral arrangement, Camo. With fun outdoor inspired accessories and pops of neon there is so much to take in, but the standout item to me would have to be the innovative remake of the Private SS. Classic design meets current day fashion perfectly with this wrist wear.

Blues will have you feeling cooler thoughts with it’s mood setting design. Working with traditional textiles seen in custom motorcycle culture helping to make every timepiece feel unique. The watch that truly caught my eye was the all new Sentry SS. This collection brings a sleek and soft touch to a well known tough and long lasting watch. Chill blue crystal and gunmetal make this collection a sight to be seen.

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By Kurt Scholla

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