Komono Watches

Walk on the wild side with an ever bold and colorful Komono watch. Komono, known for their retro design and futuristic styling, brings it to another level with their playfully patterned watches.

Don’t feel trapped by the ordinary products surrounding you, take a leap outside the box with Komono’s all new Wizard and Magnus Print Series. There are twenty-one custom prints that are tied to timeless shapes that give you the bold, yet tasteful statement that everyone’s looking for. It’s hard to compare such different concepts, but there are a few obvious knockouts within their collection.

The Bora Bora, with it’s gold face, soft color palate and coastal inspired print, will bring a light and effortless style of the beach with you… wherever you go.

If you’re not looking to take it that easy today, pull around for the Burgertime. This watch is one of a kind with it’s navy base, bright illustration and fun condiment colored case. Who knew simply telling time could make your mouth water?

If you aren’t looking to be the center of attention today, blend in with the classic Woodland or M-81 Camo options. These natural beauties can be paired with anything, but be assured that they will compliment your outfit and mood.

With a range of colors, sizes and styling there will be a Komono watch for everyone. Shop available styles and options today here at BunkerOnline.

By Kurt Scholla

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