Knoxville by Electric

When you hear someone mention Knoxville you are immediately pulled in by thoughts of classic cars, southern charm, and the sunny golden age of Tennessee. With timeless design Electric eyewear has captured us with the Knoxville collection. Italian crafted with thirteen styles, there is a fit for every individual. From the vintage inspired wire-rim lens, to the forward thinking, full frame Knoxville XL, there is no shortage of creative construction.

Modern styling with the arctic and titanium blues, to the bright red-orange of the black crystal compliments this classic collection. Bringing a beach vibe to your not so beach life. Wearing these Electric sunglasses will be quite the statement having bold clear frames, surrounding daring lens coloring.

Still feeling like making an impression but neon isn’t matching your mood? Take a look at the Knoxville XL. These sunglasses are powerful but not overstated. It’s a larger interpretation of the original Knoxville. Giving you more coverage but keeping to it’s clean lines and classic fit. These shades were brought about with many face shapes and ascetics in mind. Feel confident rocking these sunglasses sunrise to sunset, dressed up or dressed down.

You can shop all of these styles here on the BunkerOnline to find just the look for you.

By Kurt Scholla

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