Spy Optic: Crosstown Collection

BunkerOnline is always prepared for the spontaneous early morning road trip. No stranger to taking an extra personal day to drive up the coast. Ready at the last minute to catch the midnight bus to Chicago. No matter the adventure we know one of the first things to grab is our new Crosstown frames by Spy Optic.

Designed and crafted with a spontaneous heart, these new products compliment the already wild soul. Keeping your style on point without sacrificing function. They are classic and modern with a west coast and urban flare. This is a new casual, yet fun take for the already versatile brand.

You can expect the same handmade quality construction with this line, that you get with all Spy Optic products. Staying true to some of their noticeable forms and introducing a few new frame options, everyone can find a style for them.

We happily carry the Crosstown collection here at BunkerOnline and in-store. Stop in and try on a pair or order online today.


By Kurt Scholla

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