The Phenomenon of the Happy Lens by Spy Optic

BunkerOnline’s mood has significantly improved this spring by picking up seven new styles of Spy Optics frames with Happy Lens technology. This new technology is designed to improve everyday experience and happiness by allowing beneficial sun rays to pass through the lens. This is a whole new approach to modern eye care; it provides you with the natural health benefits of being in sun light, while blocking damaging UV and short-wave blue light.

These glasses aren’t just for short term style solutions, and aren’t only helpful when (what feels like) driving directly into the sun’s core on your way to or from work… they actually improve your life and well-being. A lot of science and research went into these seemingly simple products. Studies show that when long-wave blue light has access to our eyes it can promote balance in the body, and a proven uplift in mood and alertness. It’s more than looking better, you will actually be feeling better.

Spy Optics-Happy Lens didn’t stop there, they also gave us an amazing color enhancing and color contrasting experience that you will notice from the moment you put them on. You are now able to actually see vibrant color rather than having protective tinted glass between you and this colorful world.

Spy Optics has a range of styles to choose from, from classic everyday wear, to more extravagant frames that can add a lot of character to your ever growing closet. Here at BunkerOnline we carry every look available for purchase, so shop online or come in and see us today.

By Kurt Scholla

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